Published on 27/07/17

US Fashion bloggers discover the smarter way to shop

“Shop ‘til you drop” will become a phrase of the past for US fashion bloggers as single basket technology is set to take the US by storm this summer. It may not be groundbreaking news that consumers are switching to mobile if they are looking to dress to impress. We already know that between 2010 […]

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Published on 22/06/17

[White paper] AI Opportunities in Retail

This paper explores emerging opportunities for artificial intelligence within the retail industry.
Discover new technologies – from visual search to machine driven sales forecasting, and find out how all of this ties into the mobile revolution.

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Published on 20/04/17

3 ways mobile POS will transform bricks-and-mortar

The age of omnichannel is forcing retailers to create a more connected shopping experience for their customers. Probably the biggest challenge is fully linking bricks and mortar with online, as this involves synchronising stock, connecting customer journeys and measuring attribution. As well as this, declining footfall presents a growing need to physically revamp stores to suit the modern, digital consumer.

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Published on 30/03/17

How does behaviour differ on app vs mobile web?

Often, mobile is seen as one singular channel and treated as such. However, as mobile approaches dominance in eCommerce, retailers must individually optimise the two different channels within mobile – app and mobile web.

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Published on 23/02/17

The Rise of Machine Learning in Mobile Commerce

Produced in association with Oracle + Bronto

Over the past decade, we’ve seen a rapid shift in consumer behaviour. The rise of the smartphone has fundamentally changed the way consumers interact with brands – increasingly opting for mobile over desktop. In fact, some have even gone so far as to say the future of ecommerce lies solely in mobile.

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Published on 22/02/17

Key Insights from our webinar: ‘Mobile App vs Mobile Web’

Produced in association with ClickZ

Last week, a panel of ecommerce and mobile experts joined together for a webinar to discuss key topics surrounding the mobile app vs mobile web debate.

Drawing on experience from Google, M&S, Groupon, Majestic Wines and more, they tackled four highly relevant questions and gave their insights and predictions.

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Published on 11/01/17

What changed for mobile in 2016?

2016 was a big year for mobile. We’ve seen some staggering figures worldwide, as well as some fast-emerging technology that could potentially change the game. These developments are unsurprising based on the pace of mobile change so far, but for this very reason it becomes easy to lose track of what’s going on in the industry.

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Published on 14/12/16

Three ways that AI is enhancing the ecommerce customer experience

Produced in association with ClickZ

Artificial Intelligence might seem like a high-tech and lofty concept, but recent advances in technology have given rise to a number of more everyday applications for AI.

And in ecommerce in particular, brands who want to stay relevant and ahead of the curve are embracing AI as a way to enhance the customer experience, making it more personalised, efficient and intuitive.

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Published on 07/12/16

Progressive Web Apps

Retailers are in the midst of debating whether to have a native mobile app or mobile web, but could there be an alternative option emerging?

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