Getting a user to download your app is only the first step in engaging your customers on mobile – it’s vital to ensure your app remains on their device and doesn’t end up uninstalled, or worse, ignored.

Recent figures suggest that 25% of users will uninstall an app after just one use and 58% will move on within 30 days (this is known as the churn rate).[1] We know that users spend about 70% of their total in-app time in their top few, favourite apps, so it’s vital to grab your users’ attention in other ways[2]. This is where intelligent use of push notifications can make your app stand out from the crowd.

Push notifications have become as much a part of our lives as email. Where once you received regular newsletters or emails heralding discounts and offers, now we rely on brief banners on our mobile devices to alert us to news, content and offers from the apps on our phones.

With push notifications apps have the ability to personalize the user’s interaction with the brand and interact with them on a more frequent basis. Frequent interaction with users massively increases customer retention rates with only 14% of customers who complete 11 sessions within the first 30 days of downloading an app are likely to churn.[3] Users who have enabled push notifications typically have three times as many sessions as those that don’t.[4]

Despite the obvious benefits of push notifications, apps need to be wary of spamming their users as over 50% of users find push notifications “an annoying distraction”, which is unsurprising when you consider that over 35% of them are generic messages sent to all users.[5]

This emphasises the importance of personalised push notifications, considering that 50% of users found notifications helpful and the top three most requested push notifications are for tailored content.[6] By allowing retailers to analyse data from both individuals and segmented groups, the platform Bijou Commerce has created maximises the level of personalisation and can relay important data about the impact push notifications are having on users.

What is clear is that whilst push notifications are a real asset to a companies’ marketing strategy, they need to be handled very carefully so as not to become an annoyance to their users. Companies need to strike a delicate balance between maximising app launches and minimising the irritation caused to users. This can only be achieved with a platform which can deliver the data and customisable options to provide retailers with the ability to reach this balance – Bijou Commerce does just that.


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