You would be forgiven for thinking that the ‘Tinder Swipe’ is only really useful as an online dating gimmick, but the ability to quickly judge an image can be also be used for retail – not just finding your next hot date.

Think about it: when you walk through a clothes shop, you quickly flick through each item on the rails and decide what you do and don’t like the look of. The Tinder swipe (swipe left if you don’t like what you see, swipe right if you do) lets users replicate the way they behave in store on their mobile phones.

The Tinder swipe interface is perfectly optimised for mobile. Most retailers’ apps and mobile sites put anywhere between 4 and 12 products on a single screen for the user to pick out. These images render very small on most mobile phones, with the result that individual products struggle to stand out.

The Tinder style UI shows the user just one product at a time, but makes browsing through them incredibly simple. This means that your users see more product per visit. The average user of a Bijou Commerce app views over thirty products per session. A native app provides numerous benefits for both the retailers and the customer – starting with an increased conversion rate. The simple, clear swiping mechanics quickly populate a wishlist or a shopping bag, which, when combined with an optimised checkout process, delivers conversion rates 3-5x better than typical mobile site benchmarks.

Another benefit to this style of browsing is the unique data it generates. By forcing users to express an opinion on every single product, the Bijou Commerce platform generates an approval rating for every item. Retailers can use this real-time data on disliked products to enable early action on stock levels and re-ordering.

The collected data can also be used to personalise the user’s experience, making individual product recommendations based on the individual user’s nuanced tastes.

The wishlist function (created for products which are liked/swiped right) allows customers to store what they like for later purchase, ensuring that the product continues to receive their attention making them more likely to complete the purchase. The wishlist also provides valuable data on when customers buy certain products or can be used to generate offers when certain products stay in it for too long without being purchased.

The Tinder swipe is no gimmick – it’s a powerful tool to drive conversion, personalization and optimization.


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